Kenekt’s advanced Reporting & Query capabilities produce real-time metrics at a granular level, while Agent Scorecards deliver insights into operational performance. This 360-degree view offers a more comprehensive collection strategy.
Guided dispositions and customizable presentation layers streamline processes and improve efficiencies of essential collection workflows. The flexibility of Kenekt’s interface allows for continuous adaptability alongside your business.
Identify industry trends & strategically allocate cases with a higher propensity to pay. Intuitive account segmentation & integration capacities enhance campaign strategies even further, minimizing write-offs & driving collection activity.
1. Implementation
Leveraging our Gwynn Group experts’ extensive knowledge of Billing and CIS providers, we’re able to offer continuous support and limitless options for determining the data structure and input methods during data migration, alleviating stress for you and your IT department. Utilize your data to define case requirements, develop case rules, and implement the control environment needed to deliver timely, accurate, and reliable cases.

Cases are loaded onto a completely customizable interface, built to your specific business requirements and designed to be easily configurable throughout the life of the solution. Kenekt’s unmatched dexterity and exceptional support team offer you the perfect foundation for your collection operations.
2. Strategize
Kenekt’s Campaigns feature allows you to create, schedule, define, and prioritize multiple campaigns, allowing you to strategically allocate accounts to internal agents. Unique within the collection sector, segmenting accounts to external agencies is enhanced with Kenekt’s Vendor Allocation, where you have the capability to assign cases based on geography, account age, delinquent amount, and ANY other customer attributes to vendors with a proven history of excelling in those areas. Kenekt’s Timeline feature completes the planning process by providing an intuitive interface for case segmentation, collections workflow, and contact management, helping to keep your operations compliant and focusing your collection efforts to reduce aged accounts.
3. Work It!
Our modern and simplistic interface accelerates the collection workflow with an intuitive and guided user experience, resulting in more expedient agent training times and increased productivity. We removed the unnecessary cognitive load often found in today's enterprise applications, only delivering relevant information needed to serve customers on the other end of the line. Within Kenekt, agents effortlessly navigate and consume essential account details, empowering them to work through more accounts efficiently and confidently.
4. Monitor & Optimize
Kenekt’s reporting features offer a more simplistic way to identify new opportunities and measure the success of your internal and external collection efforts, allowing you to pivot strategies and make the most effective business decisions. Create pre-loaded reports or diversify your search with custom fields, metrics, and filters to view operational performance using Kenekt's Query function. Track real-time KPIs of agents and Outside Collection Agencies through robust and intuitive management reports and dashboards, leveraging your findings for a more insightful case routing strategy. The combination of Kenekt’s easy-to-consume visuals, Agent Scorecards, and Query functionality gives you the ability to optimize your earning potential.
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